Tele Cinema: Sa Piling Mo

Airing Date

April 9,2012-June 22,2012

Total Episode





Drama, Romance

Preceded by

Tele Cinema: Padre de Pamilya

Followed by

Tele Cinema: Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin

The story revolves around two friends William (Sam Fuentes) and Marie (Miriam Rodriguez) who one day made a promise that they’ll be friends for life and never leave each other. But one day Marie’s mother Olivia (Katrina San Pedro) a former maid of the Romero household was force to get out of the Romero’s household when she is accused by Agatha (Adela Sosa) mother of William that she is stealing her husband Frederick (Bernard Sanchez) from her, so Marie and her mother leave the Romero’s household 1 day after William and Marie made their promise and went to the province where her grandpa Dionisio (Daniel Arce) and her grandma Yolanda lives. Dionisio and Yolanda lives in a estate in the province and is claim to be the richest in that town and it surprises Olivia. On the other hand William is still disappointed that Marie didn’t carry out her promise and just lived without saying goodbye to him. 11 years had passed and William was back from the states and now works at their company known as Villa Corporation, on the other hand Marie is working on her grandpa and grandma’s company in Manila called the Gonzalez Inc. as the vice president of the company and Gonzalez Inc. is the greatest rival of Villa Corporation. On the twist of fate William and Marie met during the grand opening of 5 star hotel which is also manage by the Romero family.


  • Sam Fuentes as William Romero
  • Miriam Rodriguez as Marie Gonzalez
  • Tina Houston as Pauline Romero
  • Daniel Hansen as Andrew Hernandez
  • Angeline Monteverde as Elisa Perez
  • Yumi Song as Candy Garcia

Supporting Cast

  • Bernard Sanchez as Frederick “Freddy” Romero
  • Adela Sosa as Agatha Romero
  • Katrina San Pedro as Olivia Gonzalez
  • Urissa Montenegro as Regina Gonzalez-Perez
  • Carlos dela Vega as Gilberto “Berto” Perez
  • Daniel Arce as Dionisio Gonzalez
  • Wilma Chavez as Yolanda Gonzalez
  • Enrico Leguizamon as Ivan Montenegro
  • Abigail Velazquez as Elizabeth Montenegro
  • Caroline Hoffman as Grace Montenegro
  • Jade Song as Nicole Montenegro
  • Fernando Valdez as Javier Garcia
  • Gabryel Ryan as Kaylee
  • Brian Fernandez as Farrell
  • Hannah Kim as Gina
  • Chad Sterling as Gabby
  • Isabella Curtis as Maybel
  • Jane Li as Anne

Guest Cast

  • Alex Rivera as Young William
  • Bethany Sanchez as Young Marie
  • Karen Garcia as Young Pauline
  • Denise Reyes as Young Grace